Silent Pirate, Chapter 8, Page 3

To be fair, he handled seeing it better than most people do.


Wednesday is Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day! You can now also remain quiet or talk entirely in memes and still technically be partaking in it! I asked last time for sketch suggestions to commemorate the day, and got a few! Without further ado, here’re the sketches!


DiscoMoregy42 had two suggestions, and I went ahead and drew both of them:

1) “If possible could you draw me a sketch of a cute three-headed monkey with the Silent Pirate and/or Antisoshell gang…”


2) “Either that or the Silent Pirate gang as adventurers from Adventure Time. . .”

I never actually got into Adventure Time before, and as it turns out that’s a shame. Looking at some clips, it’s right up my alley!

*static* asked for a sketch as well:

“The crew of the Floating Improbability meets….the crew of The Laughingstock. Yes, THAT Laughingstock

(Warning: the link above leads to a creepypasta rivaling that of Slender Man stories)

Learning that Kris Straub wrote that story was about as surprising as when I learned that the guy who played Uncle Phil also voiced Shredder.

This was a lot of fun, so I’ll definitely be trying it again in the future!

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  1. *static*

    Is it wrong I find the face of The Laughingstock creepier than The Skin-Taker?

    On comic topic, I fully expect someone to have a staredown with Slendy by the end of this, because rule of funny.

    Also, is Wyatt referencing Jeff the Killer? If so, I’m not sleeping tonight?

    • Ahmed

      It being creepier makes sense. It’s looking directly at you!

      I had actually thought of having him reference Jeff, but decided to go with the Shadowlurker.

  2. *static*

    *reads entry*

    Okay, kinda sketchy, creepy but not that b-*sees hyper realistic pic at the bottom*


  3. Capt. T. Tailstorm~

    Booty! Swag! Silver!


  4. DiscoMoregy42

    Oh my dear darling goodness…
    You are so darn awesome.
    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou… <3
    That's the second best and most adorable three-headed monkey I have ever seen. :3
    It’s good to see Attila and Wagner looking disturbed as ever, Ralph being caught up to no good, and the Silent Pirate being cool about the entire situation… 😀
    The Adventure Time crossover is just amazing. <3 <3 <3
    I am almost as speechless as the Silent Pirate himself. . . :')

    Happy Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day!
    Arrrrrgh~ There be so much love I feels right now…
    Did I mention that you're brilliant? 😉

    • Ahmed

      I be glad ye enjoyed it so much, matey! ‘Twas a good time be had carvin’ up the Bamboo tablet drawin’ both depictions! Arrrr!

  5. *static*

    So any particular reason we went from page 2 to page 18?

    • Ahmed

      Extreme absentmindedness? It’s fixed now :p

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