Silent Pirate, Chapter 8, Page 4

Classic horror trope #35: they never listen to the kid ’til it’s too late.

(Luckily, this isn’t quite a horror story.)

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  1. *static*

    *Looks for Slendy in background*
    *Realizes Slendy could be hiding in Zephyr’s room*

    • Ahmed

      Nah, it’s not in her room…though I should mention, the end of the corridor is awfully dark. Dark enough for something to hide in? >:)

      • *static*

        Okay, good, we’ve ruled out one spot…8,999 to go…

        While I’m thinking about it, how is Chef V.M Jr nowadays?

        • Ahmed

          Still in the kitchen, dispensing orange-flavored junk food. Since the main plot started kicking in, it hasn’t had much of a place in the story, though. I think It’ll appear about 2 more times in the rest of the comic…unless I can think of another point to add it.

  2. Capt. T. Tailstorm~

    SlendBot ish behind Wyatt!

    • Ahmed

      Heh, now all I can imagine is the Slender Man awkwardly crouching behind a diminutive old man, trying not to be seen. 😀

  3. McBob

    Seems to me that she did listen to the kid, and went to check. I think this might be a different TV Trope: nobody but the kid sees the monster until it’s too late.

    • Ahmed

      Hm, you’re right. I’m getting my tropes mixed up…

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