Silent Pirate, Chapter 8, Page 2

hey guys. SO, you-know-who (though not quite) finally appeaRs in the backgRound. i was tempted to make this a .gif with static, Yet due to time constraints i Figured it wOuld be betteR To Hold it off…maybE sometime LATEr, Unless Perhaps i Do remAin Totally giflEss.


INternational talk-like-a-pirate-day iS immenEntly appRoaching on The 19th And i want to use the oCcasion to staRt doing somEthing fun with you guys! in thE comments, tyPe up something You want me to SkeTch, and As long as iT’s not offEnsive i’ll draw them and put theM in the blog post for the next update (which’ll technically bE oN the 18th, not the 19th, but oh well). To give an example, here’s a sketcH based on *static*’s commEnt on last fRiday’s pagE:


*static*’s comment: “now, if you draw a face on it, it may not be so bad…”


(also, i know that text is a little hard to read. i’ll try not to do this joke again.)

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  1. Lyric Rainvale

    I don’t find it so sinister, maybe it’s just a tax auditor (tall, skinny, wears a suit, kinda bland and without any defining features) … wait, wouldn’t that be a pirates worst enemy?

    • Tailstorm~

      I feed taxmen to the sharks!!!

    • Ahmed

      Lol, I’ll never watch Marble Hornets the same way again!

  2. Capt. T. Tailstorm~

    ”Want a balloon?”

    “When your down here with me, you’ll float too!”

    Scariest fricking statements I could remember (( both from Pennywise ))

    • Ahmed

      That movie creeped the heck out of me as a kid…though Slendy’s kind of replaced it in the creepy department…

      • Capt. T. Tailstorm~

        Nah, Slendy has nothing on Penny, IMO :3

  3. DiscoMoregy42

    Awesome page! 😀
    lolz bed intruder reference. . .
    btw you spelt creepy “CREEPPY” but maybe that was intentional for a sort of OoOoOo~ effect. . . IDK… 😉

    If possible could you draw me a sketch of a cute three-headed monkey with the Silent Pirate and/or Antisoshell gang?
    Either that or the Silent Pirate gang as adventurers from Adventure Time. . . *^-^*
    That’d be super awesome. . .

    • Ahmed

      Of course!

      (Also, no I didn’t do that intentionally…whoops!)

  4. *Static*

    *sniffle* I feel so lo-HOLY SHAZBOT HE’S RIGHT BEHIND HIM!

    (also, is it wrong I don’t know what Wyatt is referencing this time? Seriously, I usually get it, but this time…

    • Ahmed

      He’s referencing Antoine Dodson.

      • *static*

        *reads entry

        Oh for…He’s from MY state? Well, this is embarrassing. *puts bag of shame on head*.

        • *static*

          Also, before someone brings it it up, no I’m not wearing the bag because I’m ashamed he’s from my state. Rather, I wear the bag because I live an hour or so from Huntsville and I’ve never heard of the guy. It’s kinda like my reaction to finding out Marble Hornets was filmed in my state, but more embarrassment than terror.

  5. *static*

    Idea for a sketch.

    The crew of the Floating Improbability meets….the crew of The Laughingstock. Yes, THAT Laughingstock

    • Ahmed

      OK! (Oh, man, gonna have some fun with the Skin Taker…)

  6. Wooloofoo

    Such a cool comic!! Beleive it or not, i am working on a comic myself. It’s called Frederick and The Turbo Horse. It’s kind of low-quality, and not online. I am going to attempt at publishing Your comic is like a peer. thanks!

    • Ahmed

      Thanks! And I think you should definitely start Frederick and the Turbo Horse (awesome title, by the way) as a webcomic; there are things you learn by putting your work out there like that that you can’t learn as well any other way!

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