Silent Pirate, Chapter 16, Page 17

Fellow SpiderForester Delphina is funding a book for her comic, Sombulus, on Kickstarter!  The webcomic is wonderful, and has a surrealist fantasy sort of vibe to it (it’s about a dimension-hopping trio of friends and/or “acquaintances” who get into misadventures in said dimensions; also, the current arc features a character who rides around on a flying toaster).  If you like Silent Pirate’s more ridiculous nature, check out Sombulus, and maybe support the Kickstarter?

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  1. Greg

    Too bad Chef V.M. Jr. didn’t survive….

    • Ahmed

      Actually, he did! …I, um, just forgot to mention it?

      (That’s actually really lame of me, dang it)

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