Silent Pirate, Chapter 16, Page 18

That’s it for Chapter 16! The final four pages will be part of the Epilogue…I’m strongly considering posting them either all at the same time, or four days in a row. Either way, it all starts on Friday!

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  1. Greg

    Ahaha, that’s just what we need; more crazy meme-men.

    • Ahmed

      You can never have enough meme references!

      • Greg

        *insanity intensifies*

  2. supposed nerd

    Do you have any plans to make another webcomic?

    • Ahmed

      Yep! I’m aiming to launch it April 30th!

      • supposed nerd

        yay! But now I need to know what it is, or I’ll explode.

        • Ahmed

          No, don’t explode! D:

          It’s a detective comic! I’ll be mentioning more about it at the end of Silent Pirate.

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