Silent Pirate, Chapter 16, Page 16

You remember when those two things happened, right?

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  1. Greg

    Drat. We were so close another Silent Pirate arc with more giant robots.

    Great callback though!

    • Ahmed

      (Just to mention it: if I were to continue Silent Pirate, the new arc would involve an alien invasion. I really want to move on to my next comic, though. I feel like continuing Silent Pirate past this point would cause me to stagnate; I want to try a more complicated comic.)

      • Greg

        (I was only attempting humor. As much as I like Silent Pirate, its great that you’re working on a new project. I am anticipating your new comic!)

        (Just curious though; what would the aliens look like?)

        • Ahmed

          I know you were joking 🙂 I just wanted to add that, was all.

          I never really got to designing them, exactly. I first imagined them similarly to Kronos and Krang from the Simpsons, but if I were actually going to go with the idea they’d look significantly different. I thought a bit about it, and drew a quick sketch of the direction I’d lean towards:
          Aliens *gestures with hands*
          It still would need work though…it doesn’t quite feel right.

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