Silent Pirate, Chapter 13, Page 6


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  1. Greg

    Saturn-“Pluto, quit fooling around and help us beat these low-life’s to a pulp.”
    Uranus-“He’s not listening to you again.”
    S-“Typical. I tell ya, the little twerp gets on my circuits sometimes.”
    U-“It’s just a teenager phase.”

    • Delphina

      If Pluto was a REAL planet, maybe he wouldn’t be so defective!

      • Greg

        I think his antagonisms stem from being demoted in planetary status.

        • Ahmed

          @Greg and @Delphina It ain’t easy being the runt of the family…

          • Greg

            Mars got lucky; if not for Pluto, he would be the runt!

          • Ahmed

            Mars would’ve intimidated ’em away from saying anything even then, though.

      • Greg

        Plus if he were a REAL planet, he wouldn’t be fighting robots. He would be a planet for Pete’s sake.

    • Ahmed


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