Silent Pirate, Chapter 13, Page 7

A slightly less reliable method of travel than the Diet Coke/Mentos rocket.

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  1. Takai~

    I really wish I read the title of this page before scrolling down, then it would of made a whole lotta sense >.<

    • Greg

      Same here. But S.P. shooting up like a jetpack makes it hilariously entertaining. What is Wyatt dragging, I wonder?

      • Ahmed

        @Takai, @Greg: I guess the intro panels can get repetitive after a while? Not sure if I can fix it without distracting from the comic proper though, alas…

        • Takai~

          Nah, I just decided to not read it this time.. for reasons unknown. Sucks that has never happened to me though because I love the taste of cinnamon~

          • Greg

            Most of the time I don’t look at the title till after I read the comic. I understood what was happening before reading it. But then I remember how interesting the title can be during the comic.

          • Ahmed

            Well, as long as you’re reading it, I guess the order doesn’t matter.

  2. Tigershark06

    Yes Cinnamon without sugar is actually quite spicy. Which is funny because I can handle the spice with sugar or added to a food. I can’t STAND cinnamon candies of any sort.

    • Ahmed

      Same here! I seem to only like cinnamon in foods where the cinnamon taste is overpowered by all the other tastes, which may be kind of a waste actually.

  3. Tachyon

    Pictured above appears to be the “cinnamon challenge”. Which can actually cause death due to inhalation.

    Poor Silent Pirate 🙁

    • Ahmed

      I knew it could cause pulmonary fibrosis, didn’t know about death, though 🙁 Really puts the meme into a new light…

  4. warbrand2

    … is that a big arrow?

    • Ahmed

      As a matter of fact, yes it is!

      • warbrand2

        time for an arrow in the knee.

        • Takai~

          Someone be gettin’ betrothed?

          • Ahmed

            Yes: Saturn’ll be giving a ring to Uranus (Badum-Tsh!)

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