Silent Pirate, Chapter 13, Page 5

(Almost wish I could do a whole comic with nothing but pre-battle posing… :p )

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  1. Lyric Rainvale

    Ignacio is just disapointed that there isnt a fifth letter for him.

    • Ahmed

      I guess he could be an exclamation point…

      • Takai~

        Is that what the scar be fors?

        • Ahmed

          (Actually, I never settled on a solid backstory to explain what exactly happened to Ignacio. I originally thought it should be that he fought in a war of some sort, but something funny would be better, I think; for instance: tried literally Jumping a Shark? It’s probably best to leave it a mystery, though)

  2. Greg

    If I had a comic, I would let you draw all the per-battle posing pages.

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