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  1. Greg

    Well X-7’s design sure changed a bit.

    • Ahmed

      I kind of decided last-minute to go with the elongated torso instead; it’ll make a reference to the mythological Uranus a bit more pronounced. That said, do you think the original spheroid torso looked better, or this elongated one?

    • Greg

      Hmm…that is a tough question. I actually like both designs very much, but different reasons.

      The spheroid torso makes a unique impression with similarities to bug/crab-like features, (especially me cause I originally thought X-7 was going to be a spider,) making X-7 more of a giant robot insect than it’s humanoid brethren.

      The humanoid torso makes X-7 more of a centaur, (of crab/spider sorts,) which is what I would go with if I were alluding to the mythological Uranus.
      Of course, don’t take this too seriously; I do not want to be the cause of a plot hole (where X-7’s body goes from circle to oval to circle again,) based on my single opinion. It isn’t my choice to decide how it looks; it is your comic, after all. You decide how it goes; its perfectly fine either way.

      However, I would like to make a suggestion in regards of Uranus’s lower torso design.

      • Ahmed

        I think I may actually have a compromise (though it’ll require going back and editing the art a bit).

        There’s a part of your comment that’s quite poignant, but mentioning which part it is might be a spoiler. A few chapters from now, though, you’ll see what I’m referring to!

        What’s your suggestion for Uranus’ lower torso?

        • Greg

          If spoilers are the case, I’ll have to wait and see I guess. 😀

          Well the suggestion would further emphasize the spider-esque characteristics of X-7, making a interesting battle feature.
          Maybe in the off-chance that, oh I don’t know, Uranus is somehow spilt in two; cut in the waist/below the chest. The crew rejoices at having beaten the titan, when they realize the bottom half has not yet keeled over. Unexpectedly, the still-functioning torso would sprout robot eyeballs and fangs, marking Part II of the Uranus Battle. In short, the bottom half becomes a second-brain/form for Uranus; then a giant spider-centaur, now a giant spider. And still 100% dangerous.

          • Ahmed

            “Off-chance.” Huh, I…should’ve never told you about Uranus’ design referencing the mythology, should I?

            I had something planned similar to your idea (emphasizing the spider-ness of it), actually, but under different circumstances.

            P.S.: Your idea reminds me a little of a boss battle from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess…only a serious threat!

          • Greg

            Well, heh, I wasn’t thinking about that at the time you said it. But now that you mention it… I can tell what you might be thinking. 🙂

            Different circumstances? Hmm, sounds interesting…

            That was definitely one of the cooler Zelda Battles I’ve seen! A rock spider with a giant eye, complete with heat vision? Can’t get better than that! Oh wait, the eye…is a spider too?! That’s a new one. The only snag: why would you hide in a cave filled with giant-fisted statues that are bound to be used to kill you? Boss logic.

          • Ahmed

            It honestly will just be a convenient way to save storytelling time, alas…

            (What giant spider could predict that there’d be an item right there in the dungeon you chose as your home that could bring to life the neat little decorations in your nice roomy chamber? Or that someday a puny green-clad hero will storm the dangerous dungeon, grab the item, and wind up in a head-to-head battle with you? Just once, though, it’d like to see a Zelda game where the supposed boss sees the dungeon item being taken out, glances around at the suspiciously convenient boss room architecture, realizes it’s in for a world of hurt, and runs screaming for an exit.)

          • Greg

            The next boss video has the same situation!
            Those towers may seem like a great place to perch and watch the sky, but if they’re covered in metal grates and the special item of your dungeon is the Clawshot, then you’re going to have a bad time.

          • Greg

            In retrospect, spiders are not too bright in the first place. (non-mythological ones, anyway.) I would love to see that happen in a video game. The boss goes through all this trouble in setting up the arena, until some meddling hero pops in with a weapon perfectly tuned to your destruction. The ironic twist: as soon as the hero enters, all gates are sealed. Too late will the boss realize that instead of keeping the hero in, the boss is kept from going out.

  2. Lyric Rainvale

    Hmmm, Captain Zephyr is far enough out that if she comes to her sences she might be able to save them all!

    • Lyric Rainvale

      Maybe she’ll find a bananaphone tree, causing saturn or uranus to slip on a discarded banana peal giving silent pirate time to drag the others to escape while the fallen hunters companion strugles to help.

      • Takai~

        Fallen robot? Deploy the doomba!

      • Ahmed

        Not quite…though meme references and falling do occur!

  3. Pedro Rhian

    And then the hunters find Ralph, and are satisfied.

    • Ahmed

      Heh, human-Ralph/the bully couldn’t even hold his bladder facing one of them! What’ll happen if he deals with two?

      • Greg

        Well, I’d imagine all ten = seizure, but to be on topic I think he would faint/bladder release all at once…

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