Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 9

He’s baaaack!

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  1. Tigershark06


  2. Tigershark06

    *(That was supposed to be TROLLOLOLOL…) 🙁

    • Ahmed

      (Great, now the trolling song’s stuck in my head)

  3. Takai~

    Rape that Toad with a fireball!

    • Ahmed

      Or, alternatively, spray the Isle Delfino guys with FLUDD!

      • Greg

        *door gets sliced*
        Pluto – “WAS I OF ASSISTANCE?”

        • Linkletter

          You now have me imagining Pluto as SweetieBot… What is wrong with my brain?!

          Also, how awesome is the captain that she can pick a lock with a freaking cutlass?

          • Ahmed

            Pirate captains have to have a large set of increasingly impossible skills!

            (Though, I did think about having her fail to pick the lock and cut through it instead)

  4. Greg

    Little to no other security beyond Jupiter…
    Easy-to-locate jail cells…
    Sticky note saying “WYATT IS IN HERE!”…

    In the words of Admiral Ackbar, “IT’S A TRAP!!!”

  5. supposed nerd

    Haha, mario reference.

    • Greg

      At least it’s wyatt and not a toad.

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