Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 10

Color version will be up later tonight, sorry!

Color version is up!

(Also, Ignacio had a second straw)

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  1. Takai~

    I can has new toy?



  2. Greg

    I can only dream of what he would build with all those dead robot parts.
    That, or he’s just a hoarder. It would explain why he has so many straws on hand.

    • Ahmed

      Who wouldn’t want a dragon head, though?

      • Takai~

        Mount it on the salt shaker?

      • SecretAgent000

        Someone under trial for dragon poaching?

      • Greg

        A salt shaker for the likes of GIANTS

  3. supposed nerd

    Poor Ignacio.

  4. Matoyak

    The potential for straw-related puns is off the charts. “The last straw” “Straw that broke the camel’s Llama’s back”.

    Ugh, I hate myself.

    • Ahmed

      Don’t worry, puns are totally okay here! The worse the better!

      Here’s one: Ignacio’s a licensed strawma surgeon!

      (That was unforgivably terrible :p)

  5. Rogers

    Jupiter’s head mounted at the helm of the ship would have made for a ominous presence as the pirates approached other vessels at sea. Iggy’s the best!

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