Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 8

Pirates can get quite possessive of their belongings!

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  1. Takai~

    Oh aye, anyone that gets near my ship I tend ot stuff them full of swiss cheese until they turn into one :I

    • Takai~

      to stuff full of*

  2. Greg

    Really pulling the ol’ heartstrings of cuteness with this page, man.

  3. Pedro Rhian

    Brilliant comic – read it all today during free time. Loving it and keep it up!

    • Ahmed

      Thank you!

      • Pedro Rhian

        What’s the update schedule?

        • Ahmed

          Friday nights/Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings.

          • Pedro Rhian

            Not enough updates in a week 🙁 I probably read about 10 comics and normally only find that two or three have updated – how else am I going to fill up my time!

          • Ahmed

            The only cure for that is more cowbell comics! Maybe try some other comics in the SpiderForest collective?

            I would like to update more often though…

          • Pedro Rhian

            I do read ‘Snow By Night’ and ‘Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer’. I think you came up several times on the adverts so I checked you out.

          • Ahmed

            More recommendations, then:

            -Broodhollow: a comic that has equal parts comedy and horror.
            -The Adventures of Dr McNinja: A ninja doctor superhero story with all the tongue-in-cheek humor you’d expect
            -Monster Pulse: Kids with monsters that originated from their body parts fight a suspicious organization
            -The Hues: it just started, it’s apparently going to be about a magical girl team (like Sailor Moon, but less girly).

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