Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 11

(The fish that help steer the Floating Impossibility are going to hate Ignacio for this!)

One more page of this chapter! After chapter 11 ends on Tuesday, I’ll put up some filler stuff on Friday, and start Chapter 12 on the 30th. I’ll be out next week until Sunday, and probably won’t have any ‘net access, but I’ll set it to autoupdate.

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  1. Greg

    Jupiter’s head would have made an vicious boat figurehead. In any case, now they have the base for a back-up ship! Soon…The Floating Impossibility 2!

    (Just a thought. I’d hate to see it sink in the first place. What am I thinking?)

    Why won’t you be having any Internet in the near future?

    • Takai~

      He’s going to the moooooooooooon!

    • Ahmed

      I’ll be in Brazil for vacation. There’s Internet, but I prefer to limit it as much as possible to keep the hotel fees minimal.

      • Greg

        Brazil vacation? That sounds like fun!

        P.S. I just noticed the blinker lights on the back of the ship.

        • Ahmed

          It’s fun so far, though it’s rainy…also, turns out the Internet in the hotel is free, yay!

          • Greg

            Free hotel Internet for your convenience? How convenient!*
            Pray tell, what town/city are you visiting?

            *inside joke, I couldn’t resist.

          • Ahmed


            (I have no idea what that joke references?)

          • Greg

            It’s no reference, it’s a joke between me and my friends. I don’t know why I said it if no one would get it…

            Rio? That’s fantastic! Sounds like a grand ol’ time.

          • Ahmed

            Ah, ‘kay then.

          • Ahmed

            Also, Rio is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

  2. Takai~

    Surprised that Pluto didn’t get itself in a fight with the anchor again~

    • Greg

      I can’t see Pluto getting himself re-attached to the magnet again, mainly because it’s turned off, and the crew would be wondering to where he was if he disappeared.

      Speaking of which, there are going to be a lot of pebbles on deck to clean up!

  3. Pedro Rhian

    Hey – sorry to go off topic, but does anyone know what’s happened to Snow By Night from the SF collective? I can’t seem to access Snow By Night’s webpage, and would be sad if it no longer exists online.

    • Pedro Rhian

      My bad – they’ve tried a new setup that can’t/won’t load for me.

      • Pedro Rhian

        Appears to be incompatible with Chrome.

        • Ahmed

          Oddly enough, I use Chrome too and it’s loading for me…Maybe you need to upgrade to a new version?

  4. supposed nerd

    Do those arrows in the back function as blinkers?

    • Ahmed

      They do blink when the ship turns (though that’s not so important, really, since there aren’t really many ships wandering about to see it anyways)

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