Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 15

Aaaand, Chapter 10’s done! Next up, 11!

(Though, the next update may be at most a couple of days late, we’ll see.)

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  1. Tigershark06

    I’m surprise he’s fighting the dragon and not the pirates…interesting

    • Ahmed

      Pluto, the black sheep of the Pirate Hunter family. :p

      • Greg

        Pluto is no longer a Ninja…he is now a Samurai!

        They should have never made him a dwarf planet.

    • Takai~

      Look at the antenna, broken means no commanding signal be attacking it’s main processing system chip dohickey~

      Is the left leg springy as well?

      • Delphina

        I think the “spring-leg” might be a robot version of a “peg-leg”.

        Pluuuuutooo! You’re so awesome!

      • Ahmed

        Yes, it’s springy as well!

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