Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 14

Jupiter’s strongest attack was inspired quite a bit from Pikachu’s Thundershock from the first episode of Pokémon. (That’s the best-quality clip I could find on YouTube)

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  1. Takai~

    Pikachu has nothing on Pika… but they suck in general really >:3

    Really, his leg fell off? Ohohoh is he gonna roll into the lake?

    • Ahmed

      Jupiter’d be fine if it fell into the acid…but this is the beginning of the end for it, anyway.

      • Takai~

        I know, but the acid that would be splashed out by it’s bulk, well I would be interested on what zany ideas they would use to dodge it~

        • Ahmed

          Ah…Well, they’d use a giant umbrella out of nowhere, then!

  2. Greg

    Way to act in the nick of time, Pluto!
    Jupiter would have made Pirate Flambé out of all of them.

    • Greg

      In the electrical fire sense, anyway.

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