Silent Pirate, Chapter 11, Page 1

Let the showdown begin?


(Sorry about the delay. We should be back to schedule from now on…)

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  1. Takai~

    Elephant and flaming piggie, I see~

    • Ahmed

      I had to google that up…learned something new (and, a little weird) about military history! 😀

      • Greg

        Flaming piggies and Bacon have the same origins.

      • Takai~

        Actually I got it from Rome: Total War. Flaming porkchops devastate any formation with it’s meaty evilness~

        • Ahmed

          Ah, ‘kay then…

  2. Greg

    I see I was right about Pluto!…In the sense that:

    A: He’s now a samurai

    B: He’s REALLY pissed off he was made a dwarf planet

    • Takai~

      But dwarves be awesome! Much better than humans or elves~

      • Greg

        They also come with the best death-glares

  3. supposed nerd

    Yes! Finally finished the silent pirate comic up to this point! And also, I have a question: what is the planned regular schedule for this comic minus delays?

    • Ahmed

      Currently, night-time Tuesday/early morning Wednesday and night-time Friday/early morning Saturday, Eastern Standard Time (I’m about a third of the way through the next update now, in fact).

    • Ahmed

      (Also, welcome!)

  4. Ashonai

    *in Super Smash Bros: Brawl announcer voice* No contest!
    *in Audience voice* Awwww!

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