Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 13

Ouch…Maybe Jupiter could start wearing an eyepatch?


(Maybe if I don’t mention it, no one will notice this update was a half a day later than normal with no advance notice? …Oh, darn it.)

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  1. Greg

    Dang, that was half his health right there. And I would agree on an eyepatch, but since he’s not intent on joining the crew anytime soon(i.e. being a Pirate Hunter and all), he can’t become a honorary pirate.
    Also excited to see how Jupiter reacts to his rebellious brother…possibly by electronically warning the other Hunters of the new threat?
    And also, will Jupiter’s &or Pluto’s turn be next?

    • Takai~

      What do those cursed ninjas wear as headwear? Whatever that junk be, Jups can wear that at an angle 😛

      • Greg

        Whatever Pluto’s wearing is dissolving, so Jups will have to suffer until he can afford eye surgery within now and by the time he’s killed(possibly soon? unless plot-twist). And I always thought Pluto was wearing a helmet-shaped hood or a helmet under his hood…we’ll know when his clothes dissolve.

        Gosh, a naked robot. How indecent! Someone will have to cover S.P.’s eyes I’m afraid.

      • Ahmed

        You mean like Kakashi?

        • Takai~

          Yeah summit like that, seems fitting for pirate hunters to be ninja~

    • Ahmed

      “And also, will Jupiter’s &or Pluto’s turn be next?”
      No! Chef V.M., Jr. still hasn’t had its turn! :p
      A different kind of Menu

      • Greg

        What did he do his first turn?

      • Greg

        Also that is so awesome you drew me a picture!

        • Ahmed

          No problem, It was fun! 😀

          Regarding your other comment: V.M. used Dispense! …But it failed!

          • Greg

            Good thing he didn’t use Combo Chips. That’s a One-Hit K.O. Of low-calorie destruction and deliciousness.

  2. Rogers

    I’ve got to say, Silent Pirate has inspired a return to better-using emenata in my own strip.

    I took a long break from drawing and comics while at college. When I returned to comics, I’d lost track of it – however your strip definitely has restored how powerful and wonderful it can be. I put it to good use in one of my latest pages, 135.

    Keep up all the great work (and don’t beat yourself up about deadlines – we’re not your publishers! 😉

    • Ahmed

      Thank you. The missed deadline was a simple mistake in time management, but I don’t like missing deadlines at all.

      Also, I’m glad my comic’s having such an impact! 😀

  3. Lyric Rainvale

    Obviously Jupiter doesn’t watch the New Yankee Work Shop. Doesn’t he know your always supposed to wear safety glasses when you battle?

    • Ahmed

      Hmmm…they don’t make goggles that size, alas…

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