Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 10

Another Fan Art, from Rogers! It’s Ignacio striking a MacGyver pose!

Ignacio probably wishes he had a mullet...


(This recent outpouring of fan art…you guys have no idea how great I feel 😀 )

Regarding today’s page, this concludes the first turn! Things get serious next turn!

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  1. Takai~

    Shocking… just ignore the shorties why don’t cha!

    • Ahmed

      You know what they say: Lightning hits the tallest objects!

      • Takai~

        Balls… D: No wait….. it actually sounds liek fun~


        • Greg

          Hmm…I wonder what fried pirate tastes like?
          Probably like scurvy.

          • Takai~

            Scurvy tastes like cardboard~

          • Greg

            And you would know this how exactly?

  2. warbrand2

    that metal sword is looking like a bad idea… wait I thought laws of physics didn’t apply in this comic.

    • Ahmed

      (They really only apply when it’d be funnier to apply them!)

  3. lyric rainvale

    This is when you need a necromancer to bring Tesla back from the grave.

    • Ahmed

      Faraday’d probably help too :p

      • lyric rainvale

        yah, but Tesla’s cooler.

  4. Rogers

    Perhaps the llama could lay a brown, hot, stinking “distraction” at Jupiter’s feet, causing it to hop around and perhaps trip?

    • Ahmed

      Mm, distraction is more a Silent Pirate’s thing, actually (you’ll see pretty soon)…

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