Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 9

It’s late, and I may or may not have lost my Bamboo tablet’s stylus…so this page will be lineart-only for at least one day.


(Also, the Breezy Pirates really wasted their first turn, huh?)


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  1. Greg

    Not entirely. From what’s happening with poor, frightened Silent Pirate looks like a callback to the Breezy Pirate’s first major battle…

    • Ahmed

      I guess you’re right! Considering it breathes electricity, if Jupiter wasn’t waterproof, any source of water would be quite the super effective attack…

      • Greg

        That’s a running cliche I’ve noticed in a lot of places. Giant indestructible robot/electric-powers supervillain have water as their one weakness, and using it puts them out of commission.

        But I don’t think it will be very effective…

        • Greg

          not unless you want more retcons 😛

          • Ahmed

            Yeah, one major retcon is enough…

  2. Takai~

    No chance of short circuiting the beast thens? Only I’ve come across plenty of mechs and the like that used thunder based moves yet be weak to the stuff~

    • Ahmed

      Nah, no plans to go in quite that direction.

  3. lyric rainvale

    I bet if they let chef v.m. jr. fight he would kick butt.

    • Ahmed

      You’re right, there would be a deluge of candy bars aimed at Jupiter! Why overpower ’em when you can beat ’em by giving ’em robo-diabetes?

      • lyric rainvale

        or maybe the robots secret weekness is citrus.

        • Ahmed

          Chef VM’ll unleash the power of Sunny D?

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