Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 11

Finally, a solid hit!

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  1. Delphina

    Ewwww…. llama spit.

    • Greg

      At the very least, it isn’t projectile spit.

  2. Takai~

    Hah! Solid~

  3. Greg

    Llove And Tollerate is super effective!!!
    Pirate Hunter Jupiter is deeply moved!
    Pirate Hunter Jupiter switched sides!
    Pirate Hunter Jupiter joined the party!

    • Ahmed

      Funny you should say that…

      • Greg


        • Takai~

          So I stopped guessing only for Greg to move in, oh the fun never ends xD

          • Greg

            I’m trying to contain myself from possible(?) spoilers

          • Ahmed

            Guessing is okay, actually! It is kind of fun seeing how close you guys get (or how far :p )

          • Greg

            Well, if any more robots join the party, then I will be extremely happy.

          • Ahmed

            (Oh, man, I’m sorry, but I’m going to disappoint you really badly over the next few arcs…particularly the arc after this one)

          • Greg

            Then I can only imagine what “Funny you should say that…” Truly means then…

            P.S. dangnabbit :C

  4. lyric rainvale

    Demitri’s attack is adorable

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