Silent Pirate – Rule 63

EDIT: April Fools :p


I came to the realization today that only three members of the Breezy Pirates are female (and one of those three happens to be a llama). That’s poor cast diversity, I think! Thus, I’ve decided to change a Silent Pirate’s gender! I’ll be going back, starting tomorrow, and painstakingly redrawing every page featuring our protagonist. I’m also going to start calling her by an actual name, because “A Silent Pirate” is kind of a mouthful. I think April has a nice ring to it, don’t you?

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  1. smarchfield

    April Fools? I say this only because another comic I read is actually doing this.

    • Ahmed

      Yep, April Fools 🙂

  2. Takai~

    You are a very naughty Ahmed, rule everything!

  3. Greg

    Oh, you got me. Consider me April fooled.

  4. Pedro Rhian

    Fair cop. However, the sheer amount of work that would have been involved tipped me off. Gave me a good laugh though, thanks.

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