Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 3

Three things:

1) I realize the “climb a tree and run into a snake” trope is very, very overdone, but oh well.

2) As you guys mentioned, it can be hard to see the characters with the line-less art style, so I’m bringing back some line art. That should alleviate that problem?

3) Work is starting to pick up a bit, so I’ll likely completely miss Friday/Saturday’s update.

See you next week!

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  1. Greg

    Four things:

    1) I think it’s totally awesome that you described this page like I did in this format!

    2) I liked a lot this art style before, but now I love it! I love the blend of the outline-less background and the outlined foreground.

    3) Aw, I thought the meme was ‘it’s a badgerbadgerbadger….SNAKEY SNAAAKE!’

    4) I just realized the chapter’s pun on YOLO…Clever.

    • Ahmed

      The list format thing, I think, was subconscious, actually :p. Also, I was hoping someone’d notice the pun!

      • Greg

        Yeah, it’s not like the format belongs to anyone.

        It’s a great pun. What would it stand for? You Only ‘Ho!’ Once?

    • lyric rainvale

      Dont forget the mushrooms in panel 3. I also noticed the pun but ignored it.

      • Greg

        Oh gosh the ‘shrooms!

        Sometimes these kind of puns don’t click for a while.

  2. Tachyon

    lolwut pears in the first panel? Oh, my…

    I like the artistic progress! This page turned out good, and it’s clear now that you can get away with omitting the lines on larger or more distant objects with fewer colors, while more complicated or closer objects are complemented by them. I look forward to seeing you make further use of this technique!

    • Ahmed

      Thank you! Your constructive criticism from before really helped 🙂

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