Silent Pirate, Chapter 9, Page 12

You’ve now seen all but 3 of the Pirate Hunters X. Progress!

A reminder: the next update won’t be a comic. It’ll instead be more of a…preview…of sorts.

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  1. warbrand2

    for some reason I hope that robot dragon doesn’t get destroyed….. dragons are hard to kill in most stories so a metal one should be impossible?

    • Ahmed

      Most stories don’t have a robot ninja samurai, though 🙂

  2. Takai~

    Dragon! Is Wyatt gonna ride it? I know I would :3

    Also, in panel two, I thought the big lizard was rolling around on its back~

    • Ahmed

      Hm…he’d at least make a Skyrim reference. Unfortunately, almost the entire arc is going to be Wyatt-free…
      (Regarding panel 2: Oops. That’d be a really lazy dragon in that case :p)

  3. Greg

    man i love seeing the Pirate Hunters!!! and how they’re based off of the planets! 😮
    so far…3 Giant humanoids, 2 dragons(one water one land), and 2 normal sized humanoids.
    we’ve seen Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune(squid?) and Pluto.
    we’ve yet to see Saturn and Uranus.
    but there are only 9 planets total…
    possibly the Sun or the Moon is the tenth?
    and of course the mysterious Mr C.B.
    so cool!

    • Ahmed

      Here’s a hint for the final Hunter. 🙂

      C.B.’s name, and his part in all this, will be revealed in the arc following this next one.

      You may be disappointed at the variety of robot types, though. The remaining three are actually going to be giant humanoids as well…

      • Greg

        thats completely fine xD as long as they look B.A.
        i actually never saw that page somehow….interesting…

        • Takai~

          I am so not gonna say anything about that hint page, Ahmed ;D

          • Greg

            you two wouldnt happen to be in kahoots, would you?

          • Ahmed


            (Nope, no cahoots! I’m guessing Takai noticed the biggest clue I left on that page, though…)

          • Greg

            i think i know what it would be…heheheh

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