Silent Pirate Chapter 10 Preview

Chapter 10 starts on Tuesday! Here’s a quick “preview” in the meantime.

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  1. Takai~

    Oh hey, he detached hisself & I see storm clouds on the horizon~

    • Ahmed


      • Takai~

        Cue mini-boss rpg music~

        • Greg

          mini-boss is an understatement

          • Takai~

            If what I have guessed be correct, it is~

  2. Lyric Rainvale

    I see that he may breath electricity instead of fire. Is that wise when you’re a robot?

    • Ahmed

      Jupiter’s specially made to be able to shoot lightning safely. (Though that actually would be funny, a big buildup to a showdown with a dragon, only to have it explode on its first attack!)

  3. Greg

    only through the power of llama sounds will they be able to defeat Jupiter.

    • Ahmed

      It will be a giant sound wave, the likes of which you’ve literally never heard!

      • Greg

        i hate to see giant robots get destroyed though 🙁

  4. Rogers

    I just read this whole comic from beginning to end – it’s terrific. I’m always excited to find fun new webcomics to follow along with. Thanks!

    • Ahmed

      Thank you! And welcome! 😀

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