Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 3

That’s right, bully, you should probably stick with the classic bullying techniques…no more slingshotting mute kids to goodness knows where.

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  1. Tigershark06

    Ah man, I forgot about this douche…

    • Ahmed

      Yeah, after the Giant Robots, your run-of-the-mill jerk doesn’t really strike as much of an impression…

  2. Captain TailStorm

    Ima scared the jerk-off has the ability to think and learn >.<

    By the by, why does he look liek a turtle?

    • zibodiz

      You’re totally right, I didn’t notice that!
      Teenage Mute-abusing Jerk Turtle. The less-cool cousin.

      • Ahmed

        Villains in a Half Shell! Turtle (Abuse of) Power!

    • Ahmed

      Good eye! He’s actually designed as a human version of a character from my first webcomic, Antisoshell. If you look at the most recent update (posted shortly after Silent Pirate began) you may notice a surprise…

  3. Michael C

    Man, you can really tell the difference in art since Silent Pirate came to be. If you compare this page to the first page where Jerk Turtle actually went through with slingage, you really appreciate the progress this comic has come through

    • Ahmed

      Thanks 😀 I’ve got a long way to go, though…

  4. Captain TailStorm

    Oh, she drew a peace sign on that skull in chapter 2?

    • Ahmed

      Yep. She was the one who picked out a Silent Pirate’s original clothing, and the “Peace” sign represents her personality fairly well. SP was raised by her, so the “Peace” sign fits him as well…but now he’s being raised by pirates too, so it alone isn’t enough!

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