Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 2

I guess they’re sticking around a bit!

Having already scanned it in, and halfway through coloring it, I realized I had messed up something on this page: in the previous page, when the Breezy Pirates docked, they used a pier. Let’s just say they moved their parking space…because…um…the fish that steer the Floating Impossibility needed some more exercise! Okay?


(Danged continuity errors…)

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  1. Captain TailStorm

    Rum….. Free?

    RUM!!!!!!! WHERE BE MY DAMN SHIP?!?!


    That look on her face in the last panel…. This is gonna be fun~

  2. Captain TailStorm

    Oh! There be X pirate hunters, aye? Well VIII now~

    • Ahmed

      Exactly…and also, X marks the spot!

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