Silent Pirate, Chapter 6, Page 15

Admittedly, I could have foreshadowed that twist a little better…


Anyway, we’re all set up for Chapter 7!

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  1. kittehwolf

    ~bonks it on the head with a stale sausage~ I:<

    • Ahmed

      Going to need a bit more than a stale sausage to beat Terra! :p

      Edit: Also, you’re going to want to be careful when hitting its head…you’ll see why at the end of this next arc.

      • kittehwolf

        Awwwww man ¬o¬ But hey, since that little ninja one who had it’s antenna end chopped off is attached to the ship, there might be some hope for the pirates with an extra blade against erm….. Terra~

        • Ahmed

          Hmmm…problem is, he’s a little hung up at the moment. 🙂

          • kittehwolf

            Much as I hate to say it, ninja are smart~

  2. Tigershark06

    I’d say momma’s pissed!

    • Ahmed

      Seeing since she’s Pirate Hunter Terra, Mother Earth, that’s a really fitting comment!

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