Silent Pirate, Chapter 6, Page 14

Later than usual update due to a somewhat busier than usual week (though it is still Friday).

I’ll repeat this, in case you didn’t see the previous post: on Wednesday I accidentally destroyed the site trying to update WordPress (hence the downtime and awkward return). ┬áMy host recovered everything but last Tuesday’s update, which I reuploaded. If you missed that last update (“A Silent Pirate Communicates With Captain Zephyr”) due to the site being down, You may want to go back and read it. It’s a tad important.

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  1. Tigershark06

    Now wait a minute…if he goes home…then what’s the title going to be after that!?

    And yes Ninjabot is too cool for school!

    • Ahmed

      It shall be “Silent Not-A-Pirate”, and the comic will turn into a harrowing tale about his transition into society after a life of juvenile crime :p

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