Silent Pirate, Chapter 5, Page 6

Thank goodness for Wikipedia!


(This is actually probably not the most effective method of robot communication, huh? One wrong SPROING and you could get in a heck of a lot of trouble).

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  1. Zen

    I think I like these robots. XD

  2. zibodiz

    ‘NMTTT’, ‘AIEEE’, or ‘YO’… ? lol I’m probably just completely blind.

    • kittehwolf

      Gotta be Yo, since it’s the only thing that makes sense and some people (usually idiotic people) use as an greeting. Either that or we are translating an alien or robotic language into english x3

    • Ahmed

      Yep, it’s “yo”. As kittehwolf said, it’s a slang term for “hello”.

  3. Lissy

    Bwahahaha, imagine using text abbreviations to shorten morse code.

  4. artimis456

    “Yo”, these robots are starting to become even more awesome! 🙂

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