Silent Pirate, Chapter 5, Page 5

Remember that scene from the beginning of Jurassic Park: The Lost World? With the little girl and the Compsognathi?


(Don’t worry, our protagonist won’t end up like her.)

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  1. kittehwolf

    Why did le Jaws theme suddenly play in my mind.

    • Ahmed

      Dah-Dun. Dah-Dun Dah-Dun. Dah-Dun Dah-Dun Dah-Dun DUHDUUUUUH!


  2. Greg

    Quick question: About how many Asteroidbots are there? 😮

    • Ahmed

      I’ve never settled on a number, but there’re about 20-30 of ’em.

    • Greg

      O_o C.B. must have been busy for a while.

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