Silent Pirate, Chapter 13, Page 9

Of course I’d reference this meme! :p


(Updates should come out more regularly again, starting Saturday, by the way.)

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  1. Takai~

    Strun Bah Qo!

  2. Greg

    Ok normally I’m fine with the whole idea of Ignacio’s “rubber, prehensile toungue limb” but this is just ridiculously ludicrous. The picture of him in the gallery with the tounge ‘hand’ is an actual possibility now.
    ‘Has science gone TOO far?’

    • Ahmed

      Actually, that was supposed to be an actual rubber band…but looking back on it now, I really, really should’ve drawn the other end protruding from his mouth. Whoops!

      (That said, I actually think it being his tongue is a hilarious idea, precisely because it’s that nonsensical!)

      • Greg

        Oooooh…I get it now; I was wondering why he had a tapered tongue. It’s just colored very similarly.

        Hey, after Saturn gets knee’d, were you going to draw an arrow sticking out of the curved end of his symbol at the top? Because you have always drawn the symbols to be in the same state as their robot (Jupiter’s being split apart at the same time he was.)

        • Ahmed

          Yeah, I did in fact end up doing that (minus the arrow, though).

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