Silent Pirate, Chapter 13, Page 10


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  1. Delphina

    I used to hunt pirates, but then I took an arrow to the knee?

  2. Takai~

    Down’d Saturn like a colossus!

  3. Jens

    Well, it had to happen. How else would you defeat something on meme island? Good writing. 🙂

    • Ahmed

      Thanks…and yeah, there was no other way to go!

  4. Greg

    Dang. That is one heck of a butterfly effect. Very watered down of course. And in other news, P.H. X-7’s butt has officially turned into a…butt. But wait, it’s like that all the way around? So does that mean…it’s a brain?!

    • Ahmed

      Actually, the butterfly effect isn’t nearly over yet! Also, Uranus’ abdomen was a somewhat shady reference to another body part.

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