Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 9

Well, that solves that mystery. You were so close to calling it, Takai!

Also, regarding the update schedule: as you probably noticed, it’s been quite out of sync recently. I’ll try to get the next update out on Sunday, so I can catch up and resume the normal update schedule come Tuesday.

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  1. Takai~

    That’s so obvious!
    Ye pox infested sea monkey! 😐

  2. lyric rainvale

    Cool, your hand lettering this chapter!

    • Ahmed

      (Actually, with two exceptions, I always hand-letter Silent Pirate)

      • lyric rainvale

        oh, i didnt realise that because there usually isnt dialog.

  3. Greg

    Of course Wyatt was fooled. Just because his name is ‘Bad Guy Beard’, doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. It could have meant he just had a bad guy’s beard.

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