Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 10

The meme referenced in panel 1 originated from a drawing by Brian Lee. I’m thinking I should go and mention the origins of every meme I reference…


(My plan to update on Sunday didn’t quite work out, so I owe you guys another update.)

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  1. Takai~

    Pillage before burning! PILLAGE BEFORE BURNING! I learnt that the hard way ¬,¬

    • SecretAgent000

      It’s even worse if the things you were going to pillage consists of, in part or in whole, of alcoholic beverages in barrels.

      On the flip side, it apparently produces a nice explosion.

      • Takai~

        So I’ve been told as well. I hate wasting rum, mind~

      • Ahmed

        That’d be quite cataclysmic!

  2. Takai~

    Actually, his pistol… Is that a sawn-off shotgun?!

    • Ahmed

      Close, it’s based a little on that (with the little sliding barrel kind of thing), but the shaft is different and it shoots regular bullets, rather than buckshot.

      • Takai~

        It’s just so big..

  3. Greg

    Maybe BadGuyBeard caused the creation of The Cerberus Pirates.

    This could be because The Cerberus Pirates, the pirate city on a ship, made an attempt to save their town, people, and belongings from the threat of BadGuyBeard. The solution: build your city on a boat in order to escape and have a chance at survival. It would explain why there were so, so many crew members in this scene*:

    This situation seriously reminds me of the Hungry City Chronicles, a post-apocolyptic book series** where people survive the barren wastelands of Earth by turning their cities and towns in giant, moving TANKS, salvaging materials (like pirates!) by literally having their towns devour smaller, slower ones (not like pirates), pillaging the remains inside, and enslaving the townspeople (now that’s more like pirates!).

    The Cerberus Pirates are similar because, in a world where a massive, tiered city on caterpillar-tracks could just show up and literally eat your static town (Static town : any town/city in T.H.C.C. that doesn’t move.), it would be smarter to have a moving ship-city than one that can’t run away.
    But by becoming waterborne, the people of this new city-boat will eventually become the very thing they fear the most, in the one way to survive when their resources and funds run low: PIRATES.

    In other news, I found this hilarious webcomic, Banished!. I found it interesting because the art style at the beginning (made by Jamie Anderson) reminded me of yours! Did I mention it’s hilarious?

    *Or it’s just ridiculous.
    **That I SERIOUSLY suggest reading.

    • Ahmed

      Whoa, long post!

      That is a really brilliant idea! However, the Cerberus Pirates actually don’t have a planned backstory at all – they were just a random rival pirate group for our heroes to face off against. They’ll be returning in Chapter 14, by the way.

      I’ll have to check out Banished…looks kinda cute!

      • Greg

        Yeah. I was thinking of putting a TL;DR at the end, but I forgot. Also, when the situation calls for it, I make headcanon backstories. This was just too good to pass up.

        The art style at the beginning of Banished! is drawn by Jamie Anderson, he isn’t a writer. It just looks very akin to your own art style.

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