Silent Pirate, Chapter 12, Page 1

Meme Island, ahead!

I’m thinking of using a different art style for this arc (because MEMES). What do you guys think? This, or the old style?

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  1. Jonathan Funk

    Oh, tough choice. I’d say run a few episodes with the new style, then poll us again. At a glance, I prefer the old style, but variety is the spice and all that jazz.

    • Ahmed

      A second poll is a good idea, I’ll go for it! 🙂

  2. Greg

    DOUBLE RAINBOWS AND FAUCET WATERFALL? I like this place already. I’m a bit worried about the inhabitants, though…

    This style would be just for this arc? Fine by me, I like it!

    • Ahmed

      Yep, only this arc, though I may just keep it for this one chapter only instead.

      The inhabitants are…screwy, to say the least.

      • SecretAgent000

        Personally, I think it would be an interesting idea to keep the style for the portion at Meme Island (would this imply that Wyatt ALWAYS sees things in this style?)

        • Greg

          It’s infectious, they’ll all be Wyatt-ified by the end of the chapter.

      • Greg

        The inhabitants are the rage faces. Calling it.

        I just thought, this art style is almost like Trickster Mode.

        • Ahmed

          I think I decided to do the art shift largely following that…though the crazy-inducing effect of Meme Island was a thing way before that! Along those lines, though, Wyatt’s backstory is directly based off of a character’s backstory from another work.

          (Very, very close, but no cigar, on the inhabitants)

  3. Tigershark06

    LOL I thought you had a guest comic for a minute there! Memes…oh dangerous territory!

    • Ahmed

      Heh, I’m the master of confusing style changes :p

  4. Takai~

    I am really gonna need an adult for this chapter…. I’m scared D:

    • Ahmed

      C’mon, after Haunted Tree Island, this should be nothing!
      …Wait a sec…isn’t the Slender Man a meme too? :O

      • Takai~

        Creepypasta. Besides, I love Haunted Tree Island~

  5. Pedro Rhian

    I’m not 100% sure about the new style. But I might like it when I get used to it. (But only because it’s Meme Island. I would very much prefer you to go back to the old style after).

    • Ahmed

      Yeah, definitely going back to the normal style afterwards!

  6. lyric rainvale

    wooo, freddy mercury

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