Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 5

Happy New Year!

(Also, there’s your answer on the straw issue, Lyric Rainvale 🙂 )

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  1. Takai~

    Pluto used berserk…. it worked~

    • Greg

      Critical Hit!
      Boat is confused!
      Boat began to sink!

      • Lyric Rainvale

        I expect a few more hits and pluto will gain enough xp to go up a level.or at least go up to sea level.

        • Ahmed

          Just you watch, Pluto’s gonna evolve soon!

      • Takai~

        Boat used splash!

  2. Greg

    Pluto says…It’s ROCK-et Time!………………….i know, that was terrible, but it seemed relevant. 😛

    *this has to be the in the top funniest panels ive seen yet

    • Greg

      pages, not panels

      • Ahmed

        Thank you! I try 😀

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