Silent Pirate, Chapter 10, Page 4

(This is probably the worst Retcon in the history of Retcons)

Originally it was going to stay as a simple “Pluto’s magnet got it stuck to the anchor weight” issue. Then, Takai brought up that there were some gaps in logic with that explanation (it should be easy for Pluto to overcome the weak pull of the magnet and pry itself loose). Though obviously this comic prides itself in sticking to the rules of physics (/sarcasmmode),  I felt it best to change it.

The results, as you can see…are a little awkward (for one thing, I had to add wires to the chains, which don’t exist  in previous pages). Worse, I have a vague feeling I the Retcon makes even less sense. Oh, well?

So, magnets, huh?  *insert meme reference here*

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  1. Takai~

    I love how much impact I can now make on this site :3

    So was the anchor claw like to begin with or did it have to transform into one?

    • Ahmed

      Webcomics are a two-way street! Any feedback I get’ll help me improve the comic.

      (The anchor opening like that is also a Retcon. Retcons, Retcons everywhere!)

  2. Delphina

    I’m so glad I caught up on your archives just when Pluto’s about to break free (maybe). Pluto seems like the best robot!

    (Regarding the magnet: No offense, but I found out pretty quickly that I shouldn’t read your comic for the strong adherence to reality. So no harm, no foul in my book!)

    • Ahmed

      Hi! 😀
      I tried my hardest to make Pluto as awesome a character as I could, so I’m glad you said that! Also, no offense taken: the few times I did try realistic comics were a disaster! But I still wanted to avoid fridge logic…though I guess I could’ve gotten away with it. Ah, well…

  3. Jens

    It might just have been a magnetic anchor, rather than an anchor with a magnet; or perhaps a normal magnet (not an electromagnet) that got stuck to the anchor at Landfill Island.

    Either way, this is a great comic. Thanks for making it. 🙂

    • Ahmed

      Thank you for reading it! (and for the compliment!)

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