Silent Pirate, Chapter 6, Page 11

Only a handful of pages left of this chapter. It’s time to wind this down…

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  1. LyricRainvale

    I understand the Captains confusion. The ninja can’t HELP the pirates!

    • Ahmed

      Maybe there’s a clause in the Ninja-Pirate Interaction Handbook allowing robot ninjas to assist? :p

  2. McBob

    ?? There’s no comic.

    • Ahmed

      Yeah, DreamHost decided to move the server my site’s hosted on to new hardware last night pretty much without any warning, and rebooted with a backup that was missing a bunch of comics. I’ve reuploaded all the missing comics, so everything’s back to normal now.

    • Ahmed

      Also, thank you for the heads-up! 🙂

  3. Tigershark06

    For me there STILL is no comic! WAZ GOIN ON!?

    • Ahmed

      I tried to update WordPress, and somehow it completely messed up my site. The recovered backup also was from before Tuesday’s update, so that’s missing for now, but I’ll backpost it once I get the comics to show in the post…

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