Silent Pirate – Final Battle Teaser

So, there’s been a change of plans! I’ve been thinking of doing a Homestuck-style animation for the big climactic battle, but had my doubts as to whether I could pull it off (animation, as you probably know, is hard as heck, and I’ve never done a project quite of this magnitude). I was going to just keep the regular comic updates going, but now that I’ve reached the point in the story which I’d been thinking of animating, I realized I’d regret not going for it.

The good news: if this goes according to plan, you’ll get an epic battle out of it! (hopefully)

The bad news: this is going to take a while. I’ve got about 2 minutes of animating to do, and the first four seconds in the above teaser took two days to put together (though I’ll be speeding up considerably as I get more into it). That said, I don’t want you guys to be waiting too long, so I’ll be putting everything I have into this. I’ll see if I can get this all done by January 17th. Until then, Silent Pirate is taking a hiatus.

Thanks (in advance) for your patience. I’ll try my best to put something really amazing together.

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  1. Pedro Rhian

    Looks absolutely brilliant. It’s been an amazing comic, and take your time. You don’t want to rush the ending.

    • Linkletter

      Agreed. This has been a wild ride, and we will all wait patiently for whatever you throw our way. *Excited llama sounds*

  2. Adam

    I heartily agree with Pedro; I look forward to seeing the results.

  3. Greg

    Dude. Go for it. Seriously!

  4. Lyric Rainvale

    GIF animation is the bane of my life. Great job! It’s a pain to do without animation software.

  5. Ahmed

    Thanks, everyone, for understanding. I’m making progress, slowly but surely. I’ve got 10 seconds or so finished so far, but I’m speeding up!

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