Silent Pirate, Chapter 15, Page 15

I have a habit of ending chapters with a Pirate Hunter reveal, don’t I? Won’t happen again, I promise. :p

Speaking of which: there’s no real reason or excuse for the radio silence and missed update this past weekend. Things just kind of…happened? Like I said, no excuse, but let’s just keep moving forward. Chapter 16 is next, and it’s the last full chapter of the comic!


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  1. Greg

    I spy a centaur robot. A Pirate Hunter-hunter like Pluto, perhaps? Ignacio’s been busy.

    1. What radio silence? I’m not sure i understand. 😛
    2. After this chapter, are you ending the comic? D:

    • Ahmed

      You actually called there being a centaur robot previously, though you were referring to Uranus’ spider-ness!

      1. I usually update twice a week, once midweek and once on the weekend. If I miss an update I post filler or update a couple days late. Completely missing updates like I did without any warning or notice is not a good thing.

      2. There’s a short epilogue (about 4 pages) after Chapter 16, but yes, then that’s it. I’ve been working on and off on a new comic, but it’ll be a lot more complicated than Silent Pirate so it may take a while to get past the planning stages. I’m aiming for an April launch at the moment.

      • Greg

        Ah, yes, the giant X-7 discussion. Can’t recall the reason behind why I said spiders are dumb.

        1. I’m just unfamiliar with the term ‘radio silence’ is the thing.

        2. Oh nice! Any hints to what it might be about/look like?

        • Ahmed

          It’ll be superficially similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. That’s all I’m saying for now. 🙂

  2. Tigershark06

    They don’t get much bigger than that do they?? Going for a Jaeger here aren’t we! LOL!

    • Greg

      If you think about it, the hunters were (almost) already Jaeger-sized. Sol here is more of a giant, murderous, weaponized battle fortress.

      In other words…
      …a Death Star.

      • Pedro Rhian

        Calm down, and look on the ‘sunny’ side of life.

      • Ahmed

        That was brilliant 😀

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