Silent Pirate, Epilogue, Page 2

This is the last time we’ll be seeing some of these guys 🙁

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  1. Greg

    THOSE GUYS 😀 😀 😀
    They are the true final boss after all. Ha, they don’t even know what they are anymore. Props for Peter’s new rockin’ mustache and the—
    Purple Heart of Courage?!

    Chef V.M. Jr.,….I salute you sir.

    Now its time to become a LITERAL floating impossibility!

    (This is me rooting that we will still see all of these guys on the next pages, and you’re actually bustin’ our chops)

    • Ahmed

      No busting of any chops, there’s only 2 pages left after all. Did you catch the newest member of the crew, by the way?

      • Greg

        Yes, S.P.’s Momma makes a fine addition to the crew. What job position does she have? Nurse?

        Ok I’m going to plAce bets on who we’re seeing for the last time…
        Ignacio, Mom, Chef V.M. Jr., Wyatt, Pluto, maybe Demetri, Peter and Kaia.

        • Ahmed

          Assistant Mechanic/Inventor.

          You’re right about some, wrong about others. That’s all I’m saying for now 🙂

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