Silent Pirate, Chapter 9, Page 1

I’m going to be moving this weekend (assuming no freak storms or other delays). I’m fairly sure I’ll still manage to keep up the updates, but consider this a heads-up of sorts, just in case.

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  1. Capt. T. Tailstorm~

    I’ve seen too much hen stuff ¬¬

    • Capt. T. Tailstorm~

      pffft screw it, lot worse stuff than words on the interwebs.


      • Ahmed

        Believe it or not, I’ll be referencing said meme at the end of this chapter…

        • Capt. T. Tailstorm~

          The one with Tai from Digimon?

          • Ahmed

            Sudden mental image of a chicken wearing goggles…

  2. *static*

    Nothing like a fight scene to put you in a good mood.

    • Ahmed

      Adrenaline rush, I guess…

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