Silent Pirate, Chapter 8, Page 6

Is it weird I find the notes in the various Slender Man stories really entertaining?

(I especially like the notes in the recent game, which I’ll never, ever actually play for fear of dying from shock)


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  1. Lyric Rainvale

    hmmm, I just noticed that the captains eye-accent-expression thingies have eyelashes cause she’s a girl… random thought

  2. Capt. T. Tailstorm~

    Shouldn’t those signs be on his door already?

    But yeah, that game isn’t that bad~

    • Ahmed

      One insane crew member is passable, but two is a danger zone!

      Hmmm…I only watched some Let’s Plays of it and it made me uneasy, so I imagine actually having to wander cluelessly around, not knowing when he’d pop up, would be much scarier. Then again, I do scare easily :p

      • Capt. T. Tailstorm~

        Can I come to your house? >:3

        • Ahmed


          • Ahmed

            Just now realizing my reply could’ve been misinterpreted…I was joking, and didn’t mean to sound offensive, if I did.

          • Capt. T. Tailstorm~

            Nah dude, I giggled~

  3. McBob

    I prefer to hang out with the crazy people. They usually turn out to be right.

    • Ahmed

      Definitely a smart policy in the Silent Pirate universe…

  4. *static*

    It took Zephyr that long to put up signs like that with Wyatt on board?

    It’s in the first two panels of this page? What could that possib-…meep.

    • Ahmed

      She procrastinated? :p

  5. Dave

    So Brittany lives in a dorm where two guys down the hall were really, really into late night Slenderthons, and she started leaving them notes whenever they’d start watching, and the RA had to ask her to stop because she was freaking them the heck out!

    • Ahmed

      That’s seriously a great bit of trolling. I tip my cap to her! 😀

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