Silent Pirate, Chapter 8, Page 11


Only line art up for now, since I’m running way too close to the final deadline. Color version will be up within 3 hours.

(This lateness is entirely my fault, alas.)




OK, colored version is up! We’re back to normal!

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  1. *static*

    Wyatt needs to not give a flying crap about gravity more often, it’s hilarious.

    And one they find the Silent Pirate, Wyatt will go missing. Because if that doesn’t beat all.

    • Ahmed

      Heh, stay tuned for the end of the arc! …That’s probably all I can say on that matter for now!

      • *static*

        Ten bucks says Silent is wearing a dress and having a tea party with Slendybot. Silent will be terrified.

        • Ahmed

          That…is a hilariously silly mental image.

          • *static*

            which is why i fully expect it to happen. 😀

  2. Capt. T. Tailstorm~

    Her face in the forth panel xD

    Also, it’s very easy to get lost in SlenderWoods, believe me >.<

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