Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 9

A mighty robot ninja…reduced to just sort of sitting on a beach floor. Oh, the dignity of it all.


As you can no doubt tell, we’re heading towards the climax!



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  1. Captain TailStorm

    It’s able to take it’s katana off it’s magnet ”backpack” thing, so there must be someway for it to turn off the magnet or nullify it or summit~

    • Ahmed

      Well, mostly true (The magnet is always on, but it is weak enough that he can pull his sword off of it without needing to turn it off)…but something else entirely is also going on!

      Translation: I made a stupid writing error involving how magnets work, and I’ve come up with a retcon to fix said mistake. :p

      • Captain TailStorm

        Ohhhh I might know :3 Ok~

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