Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 6

Forgot about the Pirate Hunter relentlessly (and slowly) heading towards our heroes?


This page was…um…inspired…by that scene in the first Pirates of the Carribbean movie where the skeleton crew  walked the ocean floor. (Honestly, a large chunk of Silent Pirate is a mish-mash of various pirate media I’ve put in a mental grinder and mixed together…which would make Silent Pirate some sort of pirate hamburger?)


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  1. Captain TailStorm

    I like big ‘bots and I can not lie
    You other pirates can’t deny

  2. Tigershark06

    Nope I didn’t forget about this…

    • Ahmed

      Shoot…I didn’t mean to imply anyone really did! That was…a poor choice of words, sorry.

      • Lyric Rainvale

        O.O I forgot about it. And ninja-bot san. What will happen to him?

        • Lyric Rainvale

          Excuse me, Pirate Hunter Pluto. (I had to go look up his name after my last comment)

          • Ahmed

            Pluto’s still stuck to the Floating Impossibility‘s anchor! He’ll get a brief appearance in this chapter, but he probably won’t be appearing again until a few months after that (when we get to the Pirate Hunter Jupiter arc).

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