Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 25

Yesterday, Silent Pirate turned 1 year old! Hooray!


So, this is the end of Chapter 7. It also marks an important point in the comic: the end of the introductory part. That’s right, we’re going to start easing into Act II with Chapter 8! And, if some of you recognize the symbol in the top right of this page, you can guess that Chapter 8 (and 9) will get just a little…creepy >:)


(Note: this comic is a humor-adventure comic first and foremost! I’m not going to go all Cerebus Syndrome on you.)

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  1. Tailstorm~

    Oh dude no!!!!!! Not that marking! Not them. Bloody hel94tgr………………………

    • Ahmed

      Oh shoot! What forces have I awakened?!

      • Slender Man


      • Tailstorm~

        Sorry ’bout that, Creeper snuck up on me.

        But how did you manage to catch him in Terra’s head in the first place =3-

        • Ahmed

          It isn’t actually him, of course…otherwise, the Breezy Pirates would be screwed. But it’s enough to give me a chance to reference/parody him a little bit. (Also: TSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!)

  2. Tigershark06

    Oh that is SOOOO not good!

  3. *static*


    And I had JUST gotten him out of my memory…I’m not gonna sleep tonight…

    • Ahmed

      This webcomic was probably the last place you’d expect to see a whole-character reference to him, huh? :p

      • *static*

        Yup. Thanks for lulling me into a false sense of security btw.

        Now, if you draw a face on it, it may not be so bad…

        • Ahmed

          (Actually, I do plan to do a lot of gags like that!)

  4. MKC

    What is it a reference to?

  5. Mason

    ⊗ Oh jesu christo, that’s the Operator symbol. ⊗

    • Mason

      Or the Tensor Product symbol, if math is your thing:

      (Also apparently used frequently in construction sites, and in film/cinema to note locations of sets when scouting possible shooting locations. One thinks that maybe that symbol makes a bit more sense tied to film scouting, considering Marble Hornet’s [the originator of the symbol as part of the Mythos] premise)

      • Ahmed

        Huh. Learned something new!

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