Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 21

So, our protagonist is changing outfits…sorta.


I actually hadn’t planned on doing this back when I first started. Then a few months ago or so I discovered that a pre-existing pirate webcomic had a cabin boy character with a very similar character design (the comic also has some other similarities, such as a character with no limbs, which were less drastic and much harder to change). To play it safe, I decided to change Silent Pirate’s clothes around a bit.


(Next time, I’ll try to put a little more effort into costume design than “stripes and bandanas are piratey, I’ll have him wear that!” :p )

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  1. McBob

    Personally, I think you should keep the bandana on the head; that’s typical of pirate characters. It’s not really the mien of any particular comic/story. He looks so much cuter with the bandana than with that hat.

    • Ahmed

      I liked the bandana too, but if I kept it then silent pirate’s character design would still be uncomfortably similar to that of the cabin boy from Alex ze Pirate. I figured distancing the design as much as possible would be prudent, since the similarities were unintentional (The next Pirate Hunter, by contrast, is directly lifted off of an Internet meme, so I’ll be trying to get as close to the design of that meme as possible). That said, I think he’s still quite cute with the beanie!

  2. Tailstorm~

    One word: Precocious :3

    • Ahmed

      Yes, I’m going to announce that next update…Guest strips are fun to do!

  3. Tailstorm~

    I don’t understand the palace sign in the last panel, mind~ >,<

    • Ahmed

      It (and “Larrick’s Toys”) was a reference to this comic from Precocious’s Compensated Endorsers arc.

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