Silent Pirate, Chapter 7, Page 17

I could have just ended this page on Panel 5 and created some drama, but this isn’t that kind of comic. To paraphrase from George of the Jungle, “nobody dies in this comic, they just get really big boo-boos.”


Also, somehow, I missed the fact that Silent Pirate has passed its 100th page! This one’s page 104! Woohoo!

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  1. Captain TailStorm~

    What did that pea shooter take out? Be it a house? The island floor? Ohoh! Misfire!

    • Ahmed

      Whoops, I should have made it a little clearer: it actually did hit him…but it wasn’t meant to hurt him. What, exactly, happened here will be revealed at the end of the next arc, in about two chapters.

      • Captain TailStorm~

        Did she hit him wiff a erm……… heat seeking….. tracking……… mind boggling……. somethingummie………dart?

        • Captain TailStorm~

          Oh. I didn’t see the smoke from his hair. Maybeh yew was clear, maybeh Ima just bloody blind!

        • Ahmed

          That is a LOT of ellipses :p

          • Captain TailStorm~

            Well I did a lot of scattered thinking on it. Plus the comment box doesn’t like me doing solid lines of dots, it breaks them up insteads. T,T

  2. McBob

    It changed the parting of his hair! 😀

    • Ahmed

      Heh. Therein lies the true purpose for Terra’s last attack: to give him a slightly different hairdo! :p

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